What It Is, Tips To Have One & Toys To Help


Your fingers are more malleable and responsive than toys, which is why Stewart recommends starting your prostate exploration journey with your hands, also sometimes known as prostate milking. 

Rather than going from zero-to-finger, start by turning yourself on in your usual ways (stroking your penis, pinching your nipples, porn, etc), she suggests. Then, when you’re ready, grab some lube and go for it. “Start with a single finger,” she says. “Once inside, curl your finger towards your stomach and you should feel a bulbous, spongy gland.” 

All bodies are different, she says, so spend some time testing out different types of touch. Experiment with swiping your finger side to side like a windshield wiper, pressing it like a doorbell, and circling it round and round. 

Pro-tip: Pre-play, give yourself a little manicure. “You want to make sure your nails are cut and filed down because you don’t want to accidentally scratch your insides.” 

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